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Life hurts more, than it should.


The glasses John Lennon wore when he got shot, 31 years ago.

i will always reblog this i dont know there is just something so powerful about this image



“The collapse of a shark tank at The Scientific Center in Kuwait. Share this because it’s probably the only time in your life you will see something like this.”

omg i love this


How I feel about therapy. I don’t expect to magically be saved, but a little help would go a long way.


Foxys I havent even noticed my first 100k photo went over 200k.

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Thank You XOXOXO



“Ich fühle mich am lebendigsten, wenn ich schlafe.”
“Man weiß selten, was Glück ist, aber man weiß meistens, was Glück war.”

- (via schlafwandel)